SQ Organize

SQ Organize: Easy To Implement; Research-Based

SQ Organize applies research-based executive functioning skills to develop 21st-century students who independently initiate, self-monitor, and complete homework. Executive functions are developmental skills that guide students in achieving specific goals.  SQ Organize explicitly teaches students to purposely plan and complete homework by breaking tasks down into distinct and manageable sequenced parts.

SQ Organize fosters homework independence by directly teaching students to develop to-do lists, manage materials, record and prioritize homework assignments, and estimate assignment completion times.  By generating a daily homework time management plan, students feel in control and empowered because the plan is organized and predictable.  With increased empowerment, homework procrastination decreases and assignment completion increases.  Check out how executive functioning research is directly embedded in the SQ Organize planner.

It all begins with the proven ROUTINES.

3-Routine System

Simple, clear and explicit self-questions guide students through 3 checklist routines.

  • Start-of-Week Routine
  • End-of-Class Routine
  • End-of-School-Day Routine


Self-Questioning is an active process of “self-talk” that guides student actions. During each routine, students follow clear self-questions that organized and independent students ask of themselves.   The SQ Organize three-routine system directs students through a daily self-questioning system at three strategic times:  Start-of-Week, End-of-Class, and End-of-School-Day.

Whole-to-Part Analysis

Whole-to-part analysis breaks the SQ Organize three-routine system into manageable categories and steps.  Because it is easier to work on small categories, initiation increases and procrastination is minimized.

SQ Organize includes 4 components:

  • Planning
  • Weekly Calendar of assignments
  • Materials to bring home
  • Time Management: Prioritize and estimate time

Sequenced Steps:  Confidence & Independence

Homework anxiety usually occurs because students do not have a homework plan. All this uncertainty leaves students feeling overwhelmed and more likely to procrastinate.

With SQ Organize, students follow the Three-Routine System. This clear plan creates predictability and puts students back in control. With increased empowerment, homework procrastination decreases and assignment completion increases.