SQ Organize and SQ Write support RTI and the IEP Process

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RTI (Response-to-Intervention)

SQ Write and SQ Organize instruction reduce special education referrals by catching struggling learners before they falter and get left behind.  Through an RTI process, SQ Write and SQ Organize provide systematic screenings, preventative and supplementary research-based interventions, updated progress monitoring, and differentiated instruction that improves student outcomes.

IEP (Individualized Education Plan) or Private School Learning Plan

SQ Organize and SQ Write both explicitly instruct students in specific goal areas in executive functioning and written expression.  Data collection is embedded in these learning tools so that teachers don’t waste valuable class time applying isolated progress monitoring.  The SQ programs guide teachers in the development of IEP goals, instruction to meet IEP goals, and application of progress monitoring through the SQ assignments.